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Re: Tars balunced?

Shimmy in steering wheel.... think its your wheels or tires?

Let me tell you a story:

About a year ago, I went shopping around for a mag/tire combo for my 1986   
Nissan 300ZXT. (I know...I know, it's not an Audi!  But the stories   
The options were limited, but at least all the available mags were from   
reputable companies.  I went with a 17x8.5 ROH mag with Bridgestone RE71   
245/40/ZR17's.  Paid about 2 grand for the set.

Took mags/tires to local speed shop to get installed.  Left place ready   
to hit the g-forces (although u shouldn't stress the wheels right away).   
 Anyways to make a long story short I had a shimmy in the steering wheel   
at about 60-80mph.  Geez, got bad mags or tires? Bad installation?  Took   
it back to speed shop, rebalanced and installed.  Same problem.  He said   
my front end needed to be rebuilt( for about a $1000).  Hell with that!

Took it to another garage, same job... same problems.  His reply:  "Bad   
mags/Tires, should have bought them from me."  Hmmn..

Tried third place....  still no luck...   Ready to cry and smash car into   

On a goof, I try a tire/wheel place called Talon Tire here in Montreal.


He tells me that a Wheel Balancing machine MUST be calibrated EVERY   
MONTH!!!  A recent undercover survey of local balancing machines in   
Montreal indicated that 20 out of 20 MACHINES WERE NOT PROPERLY   

He installs mags and tires, takes him 2 hours to do it right (this man is   
a GOD!), and low and behold...... ALL the shimmy is GONE!!!!!  In tearful   
joy I take my car up to 140 mph(LATE at night... 0 cars on highway) with   
NO shimmy whatsoever!

What does all this ranting and raving mean?

Find a REPUATABLE tire store, ask the owner how often they calibrate   
their balancing machines.

If he/she answers the following....
 1)  Ugh... hmmm... my machines don't need calibrating
 2)  Ugh... hmmm... my machines are SELF CALIBRATING (That's funny...   
self calibrating machines do NOT exist!)
 3)  Ugh... hmmm... what does calibrating mean?
..... leave IMMEDIATELY... he/she should not be touching your Audi!!!
These are the MORONS who use impact wrenches to install things!

If he/she answers....
 we JUST had ours calibrated last week... like we do EVERY month.

KISS HIM OR HER.... promise your first born in exchange for a good   
balancing job!!

Anyways the bottom line here is before you give up, cry, or throw out   
some more money....

Find a GOOD shop!

Raagi Pandya
Montreal, Canada
1986 Audi 4000CSQ
1986 Nissan 300ZX Turbo