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Re: weird noise coming from engine...

At 12:02 PM 2/23/96, Chris wrote:
>Anyone else ever experienced this---
>The I5 in my 90 makes a sort of squealing sound, almost like a v-belt
>slipping.  The noise seems to be coming from the general area of the
>upper intake manifold/cam cover.  It's present for about 5 minutes
>or so after cold start-up...
>Could this be a worn cam bearing?  Any input will be appreciated.
>oh...'88 90 with 105k.  I run 15w-50 synth and change it and the filter
>every 3k.

My 88 90Q is doing the same thing!!!!

Was going to ask, but I hadn't had time to check it.

The squeal doesn't actually start until the engine fires.  If you're just
cranking it, no noise.  It sounds almost like an alternator bearing or
something...but I haven't had time to trace it.

The noise goes away after a couple of minutes, and is present immediately
after you shut the car off and re-start it...warm or cold.



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