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Re: 87 & 88 TQ headlights?

So it would seem that both the CSQ and CSQW came to the US with and without
the 'city light' setup regardless of year......is it just a function of what
they had on hand the day they built the car? Anyone know if there is a hole
to install the 'city light' bulbs into the single headlamp housings on the
setups without the sep inboard city lights?

>	My '86 5KCSTQ has running lights inboard and integral with the
>headlights.  There are double lenses which reduce the light output 
>substantially, but you can run around at dusk with these things.  I guess 
>they are not very well aimed either, and with anything more than about 
>10-12 watts, you will blind oncoming traffic.  I have bulbs in there with 
>a little more wattage than stock, and I get flashed all the time.  But, 
>they look so yellow compared to the headlights!  I really want to build 
>some really nice headlights!
>	As another point of reference, I saw the headlights from a '91 
>200TQ last week, and they are identical to mine.

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Go Pat Go!

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