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Re: Autobahn in the US?

Having experienced the Autobahn a couple of years back I can say that it's a
great way to get from point A to point B quickly.  

Would it be workable in the good ole USofA?  Not without some major driver
education.  Have you never followed some no-brain cruising in the passing
lane of the interstate at 40-45 mph without even a clue that he's doing
something wrong?  Too much of this behavior would reduce the whole
experience to one of extreme frustration.  Now, if these folk could somehow
be trained to actually drive or if they could be somehow kept off of the
roads and if they could somehow be persuaded to actually maintain their
autos then maybe your suggestion could become workable.  The
rubberneckintouristentypes don't belong behind the wheel of a car running at
150 mph.

I may need to drive 850 miles one way in the next week to attend the funeral
of an aged and very sickly aunt.  It would be wonderful to be able to make
that trip in something on the order of 6-7 hours rather than 15 hours.

At 11:13 PM 2/22/96 -0800, you wrote:

>This isn't exactly an audi query, but I thought you guys would be 
>uniuqely qualified to comment.  I'm working on a paper on the pros and 
>cons of a policy of unlimited speeds for rural stretches of interstate 
>in the US.  I would appreciate any insight as to whether you think this 
>is a good idea or not (given audi's need for speed this seems a 
>no-brainer!).  But seriously do you think this would improve 
>transportation efficiency, or just reduce our highways to carnage???  
>I'm especially interested in responses from individuals who have 
>actually driven the autobahns and can comment on perceived safety, 
>average driver speeds, environmental impacts (heard the Black Forest is 
>suffering), etc.

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