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Re: Bulbs for Seat Heater Switch

On Fri, 23 Feb 1996, Tim Gortner wrote:

> mbenno@mail.MR.Net wrote:

> > I have two Seat Heater Switches which are
> > out. They both went out at the same time.
> > Could this be a coinsidence?

the gods are not pleased.  you will need to capture two wild goats and
sacrifice them on a clear night with a full moon and the planet saturn
directly above it.

> > How do you replace the bulbs on these switches?
> I asked that same question of the Service Mgr. at our local dealer here 
> in Denver (Prestige Imports).  He says the bulbs are not replaceable, 
> that you have to replace the whole switch.  Not sure of the cost, but I 
> think he said 50-60 bucks each.

i've had just about all the switch bulbs on the center console
replaced at one time or another.  the replacement bulbs i would buy
from the dealer for about a buck and a half...  the mechanic would
usually do it for free.  it takes maybe 30 seconds to do it...

he pries off the front panel and simply pulls out the bulb.  he
doesn't even need to pull the switch out.  just a screwdriver from the

i have not tried it myself though....