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Turbocharging 4000q

Dear Quattrophiles-

I have come across a cheap 84 5000T with only 70K on the odometer, and I
am seriously considering an engine swap.

I need some help making sure that the engine is sound before I fork over
cash.  So if anyone can answer a couple questions quickly it would be much

What should compression be for an 84 I-5 Turbo?
Is there a boost guage inside the car? (I didn't see one at my glance in
the dark), and if not how can you tell if it is developing boost.
Are these engines as bulletproof as the normally aspirated I-5s?

The car is otherwise thrashed:  2 windows broken, tons of dings, and auto
tranny slips.  The oil looks like it's approaching 10K.  I don't want to
pull the engine, and then spend thousands for a new turbo, and rebuild. 

Suggestions and Info are much appreciated.

Mason B