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Re: Alfa Romeo at PIR (long)

> P.S.  Al at A&P Specialties fixed the "pulsing" problem.  I had checked of
> vacuum leaks and he did the same.  None were found.  Turns out the fuel
> control pressure regulator (aka warm-up regulator) was "bad" and needed
> adjusting ala a punch and hammer to the set pin in its face.  I say bad
> because the Bentley manual says to replace these if they don't met specs.
> They are "adjustable" however.  The 5kcst we sold also had this fix done.

The other alternative is to use thin brass shim stock instead ... both these
procedures are covered at length in the now out-of-print Fuel Injection book
published by Metric Mechanic, a BMW tuning firm in Kansas City, MO.  I don't
know how difficult it is to find a copy these days (I've had mine since 1986
or so) but it's the only book I know that tells you how to work on Bosch CIS
systems without a lot of special tools ... unfortunately, it doesn't address
the later K-jet systems specifically but it's still invaluable in diagnosing
the basics.  FWIW, it also covers the L-jet systems used on various Japanese
and German cars... 

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