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S4 Performance (vs. Cadillac w/northstar)

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post today's experience:

As I was on my way back from having my S4 photographed for insurance
purposes, a big brand-new Cadillac - the ones they advertise on TV stating
"power and luxury" a few times - pulled up next to me on the right, trying to
get ahead of myself and another car to my left. I thought to myself: "let's
show this guy that an Audi can make mincemeat of GM's flagship", so as we
were waiting, he starts nudging ahead. I stand my ground, the light goes

The car to the left, a Citation, and the Caddy both get off the line faster
than me - "oh no, going to lose this one"...then the turbo kicks in, second
gear, catch up, and in third, the Caddy is back there in my rear view
mirror....    :-))   AMAZING!

PS: Disclaimer: I don't advocate street racing, just testing performance

Dorab (Nivi@aol.com)
1993 S4
1990 Coupe Quattro
1986 Chevy Caprice