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Re: S4 vs. Cadillac w/Northstar

> > The car to the left, a Citation, and the Caddy both get off the line faster
> > than me - "oh no, going to lose this one"...then the turbo kicks in, second
> > gear, catch up, and in third, the Caddy is back there in my rear view
> > mirror....    :-))   AMAZING!
> With all due respect to the S4 (it's certainly a much better car than any
> Cadillac made up 'til '97), I think you encountered an inferior driver.  I
> think that the cars are fairly equal in terms of straight line
> acceleration.  The STS has 300 HP, and the torque band although maybe a

I think so, too. Caddie Southstar-equipped boats often go 0-60 in aroun 
6.5 to 7.5 seconds depending on which boat it was installed to. If it 
didn't do neck to neck with the S4, it should be very close behind you in 
acceleration if the dud truely nailed the gas through the fire wall.

I met one dud who truely nails it to the floor. He was driving one of 
those "S" class MBs. It's quite facinating to see the humungo car 
accelerat that quickly.

Of course, throw in a curve or two, than it's another story.

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