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Re: Autobahn in the US?

Subject: Re: Autobahn in the US?

In a message dated Sat, 24 Feb 1996 ScharfR@aol.com writes:

>In Germany,driver training is expensive, difficult, and not conducted until the >teenage hormones have reached the eighteenth year.  Darwin would like that.  The
>relatively poor training n the U.S., and the lack of disciplin on the part of
>most drivers are two of the scariest things on the road today.

The driver training in Germany doesn't quallify anyone to go as fast as 
possible on the german autobahn. With my experience as a road racer on tracks
like the old Nuerburgring and cars like a BMW N3 in group N trim , I'm more than
scared to drive on the autobahn at high speeds. 95% of the german drivers have no idea whatsoever what they are doing. When you watch them driving at 120mph plus on wet roads going into blind corners on the autobahn , they risk more than their own lifes.
Sure it is nice to travel at 130mph on the autobahn and to reach your destination in a reasonable time but this only works during the night with no traffic around you.
The driver training in germany has to be improved big time. You will never experience an emergency situation during a normal driver training. They don't tell you how to sit in car , how to do an emergeny braking with or without ABS or how to deal with understeer or oversteer. You will never experience a hard braking on -split surfaces. My idea would be a safety training like the ones done by the ADAC or the big car companies like AUDI and BMW which should to be repeated every 2 years together with a health check. At the moment every 18 year old can take dad's Porsche Turbo and endanger everybody on the autobahn. 

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