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Re: Turbocharging 4000q

In a message dated 96-02-25 10:47:01 EST, MASON B writes:

>-I have come across a cheap 84 5000T with only 70K on the odometer, and I
>-am seriously considering an engine swap.
>-I need some help making sure that the engine is sound before I fork over
>-cash.  So if anyone can answer a couple questions quickly it would be much
>-What should compression be for an 84 I-5 Turbo?
>-Is there a boost guage inside the car? (I didn't see one at my glance in
>-the dark), and if not how can you tell if it is developing boost.
>-Are these engines as bulletproof as the normally aspirated I-5s?
>-The car is otherwise thrashed:  2 windows broken, tons of dings, and auto
>-tranny slips.  The oil looks like it's approaching 10K.  I don't want to
>-pull the engine, and then spend thousands for a new turbo, and rebuild. 

Forget the 84, if you do the swap, go for the 86- early 89, get the harness
and the computer....  Yes they are bulletproof, and chances are you fine, but
some shopping should get you the later year motor for under 1kUSD....
 Doesn't sound like you are comfortable with what you saw, trust your
instincts....  Compression numbers are less key than variance.....  The 84 is
a 7.0 compression motor found in the Ur-q/5kt, the 86-89 1/2 are 7.8
motors.......  You are undertaking a mamouth project here, don't get suckered
in just cuz you found the motor, they are waaaaay too common.....  Good luck,
keep us posted, sure like the idea tho.....