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turbo boost questions

        just installed a charlie smith spring in my 89 audi 200 tq using the
oil pres. switch  for a back up ground.  stock I got 1.2   now I get 1.7-
1.8. the car lights up at 3500  BIG TIME. sometimes when I really punch it
it seams to hesitate at 1.7.  if I sneak it up to 1.6 and push a little more
it will go past 1.7  do I need more air??  maybe a K+N air filter?
is my overboost mod failing?                                            
 Its been diffecult to get over 1.8 at this point because the car goes to
fast to quick. o poor me  haha.

I welcome any TECHNICAL  advise  from all you MOD heads out there.           
feel free to e-mail me directly. 

BOB RUSSELL (in morning from yesterdays U-MASS loss) the colonials ??
89 200TQ
86 4KCS