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Re: Help, Save My Audi

>To: Sandy Duffy <sandy@pcnet.com>
>From: "Robert D. Russell" <ameco@mail.map.com>
>Subject: Re: Help, Save My Audi
>At 10:29 AM 2/25/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>At 10:07 PM 2/23/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>-1990 V8 wouldn't go above 2000 RPM was cutting out, felt like a clogged fuel
>>-flitter, replaced it replaced the 02 sensor problem still there, took to the
>>-They said it was the speed sensor and due to the car having 55K mi I went to
>>-replace the timing belts (210.00 apiece) and the water pump they said it was
>>-best to replace it while doing the belts, OK we are now at around 1600.00
>>-belts , water pump, and speed sensor. 
>>-Car still won't go mechanic says it is now the fly wheel (pinion gear). They
>>-said it was used by the speed sensor to coordinate the firings. He said that
>>-5 teeth were chewed up by the starter. That is now th reason the car won't
>>-run. another $1800.00 plus to repair
>>-($750.00 for starter alone).  So now  I am at  $3400.00 plus. 
>>-Seeing as this is the first car in my life that ever needed a flywheel due to
>>-the starter
>>-especially when there is a one start at a time lock out.  The first one I
>>-ever heard of using the pinion gear teeth for the speed sensor. 
>>-My gut tells me  one thing but my lack of knowledge can not rule out the
>>-possibility they are correct. Does any body know if this is for real?
>>Hmmmm... This sounds like a dealer on a fishing expedition in your wallet.
>>I would have the dealer button up the car and find either a) another dealer
>>or b) an independent Audi mechanic in your area for the proverbial 2nd
>>opinion.  I would not mention your previous experience. Just see what they
>>say.   I am not at all familiar with the Audi V8 etc as I have always had
>>5000 or 5000TQ but these prices seem way out of line. I would think that
>>you'd have noticed the starter problem before you brought the car in.(This
>>would not be subtle)  If you didn't, I'd suspect the dealer somehow caused
>>this problem by carelessness.