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Re: S4 vs. Cadillac w/Northstar

On Sun, 25 Feb 1996, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:

> With all due respect to the S4 (it's certainly a much better car than any
> Cadillac made up 'til '97), I think you encountered an inferior driver.  I
> think that the cars are fairly equal in terms of straight line
> acceleration.  The STS has 300 HP, and the torque band although maybe a
> little lower than the turbo at 3000 rpm, is very broad and usable.  In
> fact, at teh GM proving grounds, test drivers have found that the STS will

Graydon... certainly your in a better position to make that statement 
than I am (working for caddy and all...) but I would agree with Nivi on 
this one from just seat of the pants accel. My dad has a new STS 
northstar which is nice (for a GM anyway :)  but I still think the edge 
goes to the S4. Although the V8 of the N* is torqy, it lacks at the top 
end of its rpm range. The N* beat the S4 off the line which is very 
expected (hell so did the citation!) but once the S4 turbo spools up, I 
severly doubt the N* can catch it.  The Caddy is the typical chevy made 
for off the line/stop light racing, the S4 has a much more usefull 
powerband range.  Im ready for severe rebuttal on this one, as I say, I 
dont have numbers to back me up, but I have driven both the S4 and the N* 
extensively and thats my opinion....

Battle stations ready  :)


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