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Re: turbo boost questions

>Date:	Sun, 25 Feb 96 11:14 EST
>From:	"Robert D. Russell" <ameco@wormhole.map.com>
>Sender:	quattro-owner@coimbra.ans.net
>To:	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
>Subject:	turbo boost questions
>        just installed a charlie smith spring in my 89 audi 200 tq 

That about what I got when I did the spring. I also added a spacer 
to the one end of the spring seat. It now yeilds 1.9 on a regular 
basis. I have a k&n filter, the spring, syn oil in all, plus jacobs 
energy team. I notice pick up and go from 2800, if your moving, 
thru to about 6-7000. I have not had a lick of problems. Well not 
enough space. The top speed on the speedo reads 145mph but only for 
a monment- Ihave to slow -nomo road. Maybe I will find myself in 
montana some day soon! Keep things clean and adjusted and punch it 
judy... You can crush the four door sports car. Cleanliness is next 

     Marty S.