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'89 Audi 100 fuel pump & brake questions

This is my first entry into this great Audi resource.  Although I have a
great mechanic and do much of the work myself, Audi knowledge is scarce in
my rural setting.  Besides the '89 100, I also have an '88 Audi 80.

One question is regarding the external fuel pump on the 100.  For many
months, there is a very noticable buzz coming from it.  It appears to be
working fine, despite the buzz.  Should I be concerned?

Secondly, I recently changed the rear brake pads and ground the rotors on
the 100.  As most of you probable know, the rear cylinders do not compress.
They must be turned in to allow the new pads to fit.  I want to be sure I
didn't miss anything.  I tried turning the cylinder clockwise and made no
progress until I first turned it a few time counterclockwise and then by
turning clockwise, it quickly compressed to allow the new pads to fit.  Is
this standard procedure?  Was I supposed to make a few turns
counterclockwise before turning it clockwise?

Thanks for your help.

Chris Foust
Bellefontaine OH