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Q Stuff

1) Just put Euro-lights on my '87 4Q. The low beams are HORRIBLE.
 Immediately upgraded to a 90/100 bulb - with very little difference.  High
beams are great.  Anyone else make the light upgrade and experience poor

2)  Check out a company called 'EWA & Miniature Cars USA.'  They have over 20
different Audi scale model cars.  They also sell the Audi videos for only 20
bucks.  BTW - which video seems to be the best?  (ie: Q Experience; Q Racing
USA; Official Story) 1.800.EWA.4454
P.S.  They also offer the excellent British mag 'MAX Power.'

3)  Just painted the 4Q (factory black mettalic)  It needs a dash of color,
or something.  What do 'ya think - TQC Audi rings on the door or custom
graphic of some sort?  

San Diego, CA