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87 4000CSQ For Sale


          A 4000CS Quattro is definately not a rare find!  They are very common
....well, maybee not in my neck of the woods, but you get the picture.  Anyways
, the only thing that could justify that price is the fact that it supposedly h
as been "totaly restored".  But, I question why one with only 75K miles would'v
e been totaly restored.  My theory is that the car was probably wrecked or invo
lved in some sort of accident, and when it was in the body shop, the guy kind w
ent a little over board when fixing it.  I know a few people that have done thi
s themselves.  (nice paint job, new trim, bumpers, etc, new interior, rebuilt e
ngine, trans, brakes, etc.)  Well, that might actually be interesting to find o
ut about.  BTW< That is quite a bit above NADA blue book value for that car....
it's about double that!  But, maybee you should call and could give us more inf
o.  If the car hasn't been wrecked and has been totally restored, then $7,500
isn't a bad deal at all.  To someone, it's probably worth it.