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Ur-Q articles

For those interested in reprints of magazine articles on the original Quattro, 
a UK company, Transport Books, has produced a series, similar to the Gold 
Portfolio.  The reproduction is not good - photcopies of photocopies - but 
certainly readable.  There are 4 volumes, each containing about 25 articles 
covering early days to the end of production with the 20 valve.

Sorry but I didn't keep the price list but contact information is

Trevor Alder
Transport Source Books Ltd
32 Springhurst Close

Tel/Fax (0)1473 270376
For international calls dial 44 (UK code) 1473 270376

While on the subject, does anyone know, or care to speculate, why the 1994 
Ur-Q models were updated with the electronic dash and ABS, but neither feature 
was included in North American models even in the 1995 model year - not that 
we would have wanted the electronic dash anyway!

Alan Pemberton

80 Civic
82 Coupe
85 Ur-Q