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Re: Loose shift boot!


>         I have a 5000CSTQ and the shift boot has been loose on it for about a
>year now and it's really starting to drive me nuts!  Almost everytime I shift d
>own into 1st the the plastic retainer for the boot (inside the boot, and clips
>onto the center console) pops up, and I have to push the back end of it back do
>wn after I change gears again.  Very annoying.  It also makes a lot of noise ba
>sically everytime I change a gear....is more or less a squeaking noise, from th
>e loose base of the shift boot twisting, etc.  I have been in several of these
>cars that the boot fit perfectly and made silent shifts!  Boy, I envy them!

I replaced the shift boot a year ago and it squeaked for a little while until
the leather was a little stretched. The new boot was a little tight but
loosened up. I replaced the original boot because it had a few holes in it.

>pposed to move around like that.  The only other real problem they found with t
>hier test car was that it had uncomfortable seats for long drives....I agree!
>My but and legs start going numb after about 3 and 1/2 hours straight in the ca
>r.  I think the sport seats would be better.  Oh well.

I've found that you have to get seats in the right position (which takes a
little effort).

>        Anyways, back to the shift boot problem.  I have investigated buying a
>new one and the dealer wants $180 for a new one.  Then, I investigated a used o
>ne.  Shokan wants $65 for a used one in "like new" condition.  This is pretty e
>xpensive, and I am still unsure if the boot it the problem, although I'm pretty
>confident it is.  I am afraid to buy a used one from any other source but Shoka
>n since if it is a beat up or not a "like new" part, I may have the same proble
>m with it.  My questions are, has anyone had this problem, and how did you, or
>how would you reccomend me solving this annoying problem?  I can't stand it any
>more.  Thanks in advance.

I purchased a new one for about $39 at Alga Leather in Florida (they have an
800 number). Looks nice and works fine.