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Re: V8 Owners

On Sun, 25 Feb 1996, Eliot Lim wrote:

> On Sun, 25 Feb 1996, Paul Rivera wrote:
> > 1990 Pearl with Black Leather. 120K Miles. Konis, Euro Lights <including 
> > height adjustment control>
> hi, i was wondering if you put the euro lights in after you bought the
> car or the car came with it already.
> if it is the former, i was wondering if you could comment on the
> difference between US and Euro.  i find that the V8, even with US
> lights, is better than other Q models with US lights...
> eliot
Enormous difference!. I have wired the lights with relays as well, so all 
four beams come on high, including the fogs. Immaculate light!
The pattern is incredible. Much better than the US lights.
Paul Rivera