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RE: And I though I wanted a Jag

| From: "Doug Terman, Antilles Engineering, Ltd."  <antilles@madriver.com>
| To:  <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
| Subject: And I though I wanted a Jag
| Date: Saturday, February 24, 1996 2:00PM
| 1.  Want to get a quattro wagon 20 valve, cira about 1991-92.  It this more
| desirable than the normal 10 valve jobbie?  I'm a mechanical engineer but I
| haven't had the exposure to the group long enough to filter out pros 
and cons.

The 91 wagon (there was no 92 20v) has a number of structural 
improvements, slightly rolled out fenders to accomodate bigger wheels 
and 217bhp (vs. 168) and a bucketful more torque (200+ lbs ft at around 
1950rpm). There are probably other things too, but that's what I can 
think of. In the wisdom of the list, it's worth it to get the 91 over 
the 90. Of course, the price reflects this...

I'll (hopefully) be picking my "new" 91 200qw up in SF this weekend :-)
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, wa