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Time Trials

Wanna Race?

I didn't know what the QCUSA charges for an event.  At Lime Rock the track is
rented for clubs so often it is amazing.  Price per depends on the club and how
many days they run.

The money goes mostly for insurance.

The Merkur meet I organized there last year did not go on a club day.  We had
too many people who didn't want to run on the track to assume they all wanted to
pay the fee. So we did it on an SCCA regional day and paid $12 a head.  Not

At Lime Rock a club event or time trial is a "speed event".  Everybody there
must be insured, running or not.  I called and checked.  Some tracks may differ
but you can believe they aren't going to be letting themselves be open to law
suits.  Some clubs I called said "sure come watch, bring all the Merkurs you
want".  The track has the final say.

So you can run Lime Rock for less than $250.  You can run in New Hampshire at
NHIS.  The CCM, Corvettes of Mass has several events each year.  I've been there
Karting while they run.  I was told I think $50 per day with the first for
instruction if you were new to the track etc.  Watkins Glen does this as do most

Somewhere on the WEB I found the phone #s of every track in the world.  YaHoo?
Call a track and they will fax a list of events to you.  Then call the clubs and
see if you can run.  I bet you can.   Lime Rock is at 1-800-RACE-LRP.