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Re: Vertissimo


I must differ with you on your desire to subject Peter Wales to some sort 
of increased control.  

I have welcomed his comments and would like to hear more of what he has 
to say.  I would also welcome such comments from Ned and other vendors.  
Blatant advertising is, I agree, inappropriate but a response to a 
legitimate enquiry saying, in effect, "this is a solution to your problem 
asn I have this item available" is welcome knowlege to me.  I realize 
that Peter is a businessman but I am willing to give him a break and 
listen to what he has to say with an open mind.  If I don't like what I 
read, the big "D" button is close at hand.

I don't believe that his "advertising" (if that is what you insist we 
call it) is out of hand.  If it gets out of hand then that is the time to 
take some sort of action as you suggest.

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