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Re: Help, Save My Audi

>Their main concern is racking up a bill... they've developed it to an art form.
>They seem not very interested in fixing problems.
>Based on my experience I feel certain their service advisor here works on
>Does anyone know how common this is?

My (ex)brother in law (although I get along with him much better than my
sister he was married to...:-)  ) was a director of service for a large
automotive group here in DC (Brown's for the curious...I think they have 17
dealerships) and yes, it is standard practice for the service writers to
get a commision and some dealerships even the mechanics get bonused.  Some
of these guys do quite well.

It helps when you know someone in the organization...When working on any of
my cars that his dealerships sold, I received royal treatment, discounts,
loaners, etc.

The very good news is that he just left Brown's to go to HBL, one of the
larger MB, Porsche, RR and Audi dealers here in DC (they did my timing
chain on my V8 not that long ago).