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Re: Cam Timing (HELP!)Again

Sorry if this goes twice - crashed in the middle of sending

At 03:49 PM 2/25/96 -0500, you wrote:
>clockwise 1 tooth looking at the motor from the front
Holy moly - not sure what's going on...  Started pulling things apart (BTW,
Craftsman has a great 10 mm universal for that 'tough driver's side' bolt).
Set the crank to top dead at the Harmonic AND the timing mark on the
flywheel - the dot on the cam sprocket is 3 teeth retarded! It is aligned
perfectly with the top edge of the valve cover - not the gasket.  Would this
thing even run with the cam that retarded?
It starts with no hesitation, runs with decent power, scampers great >1.1
bar. It pings slightly if I attempt to run 87 and boost above 1.3.

Anyone have an idea?  I'm Confused!

More details:  The dot is on the outside of the sprocket, has Audi, logo,
and PN on sprocket.  The logo (4 rings) are actually aligned...
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