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Re: weird noise coming from engine... SOLVED!

> Dirty oil could cause this reaction?? I must agree that my Coupe has only
> been driven about 1,400 miles during the last 6 months (through the winter),
> and also hasn't been on any long drives, but I'm running Mobil 1  5W-30 as

I have no other explanation for the cessation of the noise; I mean it's
totally gone.  The sound was present regularly (well...for about 3 days)
until I changed to oil.  It definitely sounded like a bearing not getting
enough lubrication.  Being synthetic oil, it should still of had most of
its lubricative properties at 3400 miles.  Contaminants, however, could
aversely affect these properties.  Cold weather and short commutes will
indirectly contaminate oil. 

Additionally, another list member sent me an email telling me about an  
annoying noise coming from their q that disappeared following an oil 

However, in Chris Ice's case, an oil change didn't help.  Sorry, dude...