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It's been fun, so long for now

Hey q-heads,

I've been mostly lurking on the quattro list for at least a year and a half
now.  Over that time I feel like I've gotten to know the frequent posters -
you know who you are.  The conversation is usually interesting, mostly
congenial and I've learned a lot.  Those of you that I've corresponded with
directly have been more than helpful.  I've also amassed a personal
repository of quattro FAQs, and a 13000 line listing of used Audi prices!
Someday I may have to replace my '84 4kq, but hopefully not too soon.

Sadly, work has gotten hectic and the quattro digests are piling up.  My
car is running pretty well for the time being, so I think I'll risk the
rath of the Audi-gods and sign off for now.  So thanks for your collective
insights and comraderie.  Think I can figure out how to unsubscribe?

Lynn Smith