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Body shop, southern NH?

1986 4000 CS Quattro, silver

I was hit while sitting at a stop light Friday.  Any suggestions for a good
body shop in southern New Hampshire (between Windham/Salem and Manchester)?

I also need a left front indicator light, new bumper, new center and drivers
side bottom grill, fog lights, fake left reflector panel for bumper...

Any other options for repair?  If I could get used parts, I'd be able to
pocket the difference (read replace bushings etc., tribute for the Audi
gods...).  Would this be time to consider some of the trick front
bumper/grill options from (Zender, tresser, whoever????).  Any
suggestions/comments appreciated.

Also:  if anyone needs a front bumper, it's got some small gashes on the
drivers's side corner, otherwise in very good condition.  Free - send me a
note and I'll get them to save it when they remove it.

Was amazed at how well the car stood up to the impact.  I was hit by a Ford
Tiempo (?) who slid through a corner and hit my front driver's corner at
somewhere between 15 and 25 mph.  Can't say for sure, I was trying to figure
out how to get out of the way...unfortunately, I was at a light, with someone
close in front and behind (helpless).  Her car lost it's front bumper, light,
lots of plastic, dented up her hood, pushed in a fender a bit.  My car tore
the plastic bumper, broke my lower grill, broke my corner light, pushed my
headlight back and down (and didn't break it) and pushed by quarter panel
down about a quarter inch, compared to the undamaged hood.  No visible sheet
metal damage, except a slight dent.  Of course, first estimate I got says
just over a thousand for repair, including an aftermarket bumper facia.