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Re: Eliminating Turbo Lag

In a message dated 96-02-26 19:05:13 EST, you write:

>dumping fuel on the hot side of the wastegate is used by all top rally teams
>(subaru, mitsi, ford,and toyota) to keep the turbo spooled up and improve
>throttle response.
>1) as above, much better throttle response.
>2) compensates for a large impeller
>3) looks and sounds great!
>1) fuel consumption

.... Understand that these cars are OFF road only, and most/all are not
lambda-ed....  A big prollum....  Toyota may be selling some prorally stuff
this year cuz of turbo violations.....  I would think that you would have to
have some brass-genatalia to try to explain to your insurance company that
particular mod in the fire claim

Lots better time spent a lot of other places before this becomes a factor,