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<87 5kcstq> Cam Timing

At 08:25 PM 2/26/96 -0500, you wrote:

>I made this mistake with the 4K as well... everything looked great... 
>over and over I checked... then I checked with my friend Robert Bently... 
>the cam alignment mark is on the inside...!

I may have fallen victim to one of the oldest mistakes...  TDC on the wrong
stroke...  Lets see - the crank turns twice for every cam revolution, right?
There is a notch like thingy (like a flat indentation between 2 teeth) way
around the other side - on the inside.  If the 'dot' on the outside isn't
used, then I am not on the power stroke, and I don't have to have a stroke
myself figuring out how this thing could run 20 degrees retarded...
I'll pull the plugs tommorrow (rotates much easier that way!) and recheck -
cause it ain't comin apart till I know how it should be!

BTW - the sprocket pn is 049 109 111B - anyone around can check their fische
for me and see if this is correct for an 87 tq (prob correct for every I5
ever made...)
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