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Re: location of oil pressure warning control unit

On 02-26-96 Erik wrote:

> I thoroughly read the bently manual and it makes no reference to the
location of the oil pressure warning control > unit, only that it probably
needs to be replaced based on my symptoms.


The oil pressure control unit is located on the aux relay panel ( under the
dash on the drivers side ).  It should be in position 6 (from left of car).
 In Bentley's manual, in schematic (Page 97.271, current tracks 43-47) you
should notice a black box with a white 6 in it over the oil pressure control
unit.  This designates position.  Since it is outside of the upper gray
shaded area it is the aux and not the main relays.  Hope this helps.  I
strongly recommend against permanently removing the relay/control unit as
other functions are affected by it.  Dealer = $$$$$,  used=$.  I picked one
up at a local wrecking yard for ~ $8.00 about a year ago.  Dealer wanted

85 4KCSQ