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Re: Add Nausium

> >How about a 'vendors' or 'advert' area on the Quattro.list webserver, or a
> >'vendors & adverts' mail list or digest? Personally, I'd like to see and
> >access this kind of information and feel it would be a big help, tho' I can
> >see the potential for 'commecrical misuse' of this general quattro.list.
> >
> >Can it be done, Dan?
> .....  I would second this and encourage it....  It gives us back the
> ...
> More than a few folks have misused the list for commercial puposes, most
> without the staying power of Mr. Wales.....  However, might there be some
> advantage to having the "information" Peter or Ned or others, available.....
>  Me thinks so, from a vendor and a lister perspective.....
> Good thinking Mr. Powell....  Dan, is this idea virtual or realistic?

Here's my several million electrons' worth of opinion.

How about doing it like usenet FAQ style? Anyone who would like to 
advertise to the q-listers would send company contact information, and 
the products they offer to someone who is willing to maintain the list. The 
rule is that the technical spec (in advertising sense) need to be 
accompanied with the information delivered (so any potential buyer would 
have some idea what they're getting), and advertiser is allowed small 
lines of advertising pitch.

The compiled list, in turn, would be distributed through q-list once per 
month (or some time interval). Of course, to have the advertiser (and its 
products) to be included in "the list," the advertiser needs to be in 
good standing behind its products. If there are constant complaints 
against a company's product with whatever reasons, the advertiser and its 
product info will either be taken off "the list" -- or be taken further, 
into "the black list." The move may be temporary or permanent depending 
upon the advertiser's response and solution to the complaints.

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