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Re: Radar/Lser detector

> >Today, my brother had ordered a laser detector from Home shopping network 
> >for only $98(including tax and shipping).  Its feature, something like 
> >Vg-2, Ka K and others.  Is it a good price?  What is all those Vg-2, K, Ka 
> >about ? I really know nothing about radar detector.  Can anyone be kind 
> >to give me some explanions about this?
> Prices can range from under $50 to over $250.  If you paid $98 for one
> that you could have gotten at Radio Shack for $50, that's no deal.

Prices can go way over $400 for Valentine units.

Anyway, what I'd like to add is there are two kinds of Ka (since we are 
probably looking at best band for the buck here...).

One is the original Ka, designed for the Photo Radar. THe new one is the 
Ka Wide, which uses wider bandwidth than the Ka. A lot of bargain 
detectors may advertise Ka-capable, but that not include the new Ka Wide 
-- which has wider frequency for trolling.

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