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Re:Track days, dealers, windows

Pleeze xcuse me as I don't know how to clip text for reference....
 4Kcs window reg (HELP ITS COLD): In a recent issue of european car magazine
was a story on replacment of the window regulator with a less expensive
version that was supposedly better. If I hadn't given the issue away I'd tell
you which
one. Q Listers?
Service writers on commission: Yes, it's true. Having worked for several
dealers the
service writer's job is to 'sell' work. Some do it with a conscience, and
some do not. It
pays to be very cautious around these folks! Particularly near the end of the
month, when they are trying to inflate that upcoming bonus check.
Track Days: Summit Point in WVa has open track days several times a year on
Fridays, when real racers aren't using the facility. I think it costs under
$150 for a full 
day of instruction and free driving, requiring only seatbelts and helmet.
Also, a local
go kart track rents its road course to car clubs for a surprisingly
entertaining autocross like event. Twenty plus turns in an eighth
mile...could be fun!
Dwight V.  
86 Coupe GT with a cartoon balloon of a Schrick cam over its hood.....