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Re: The Outlaw Peter Wales?

-- [ From: Lester B. Lampman * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

    Greg Koehler's excellent post would be welcome on at least 90 percent of
the other lists to which I subscribe and is certainly pertinent here. Peter
Wales is cordially  welcome as far as I'm concerned--and although I'm a new 
(only a couple of years) lurker, some of the most interesting posts have
come from specialists who have something to sell to us for our loved ones--
and very few have blatantly hawked their wares. Each of us has the
capability (kind of, in my case) to sort the nuggets from the BS. Dan's call
, of course, but I'd hope the same treatment would apply to any other poster
who mentions something he has for sale. 
   The real question is who has time to feed Duane's fat cat?? 
   Another thread. 3600 bucks to fix the specified parts for the V8 appears
to be just a bit excessive. Finding a qualified V8 2nd opinion gets tough,
as there aren't that many around. OTOH the service writer at our local
dealer (on commission, I'm sure, but fair) told me yesterday, when I was
arranging for my own little contribution, that a lady had just come in with
a V8 that she had run out of coolant. Quoted 10,000 bucks plus 10-12 hours
for a new engine. He said she didn't even blink, said something like *s
happens* and left the car for repair.  I might have inhaled sharply through
clenched teeth (ssssssssss) and fainted. CUL, Les