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Re: Track days, dealers, windows*(windows)*

On 26 Feb 96 Dwight V. wrote:

> 4Kcs window reg (HELP ITS COLD): In a recent issue of european car magazine
>was a story on replacment of the window regulator with a less expensive
>version that was supposedly better. If I hadn't given the issue away I'd
>you which
>one. Q Listers?

Dwight & Q-Listers,

The series on the *Project Audi 4000CS Quattro* started with the December 94

Part 1: Intro                                   Dec 94
Part 2: Replacing Window Glass     Feb 95  
Part 3: Upgrading the Lighting         Apr 95
Part 4: Wheel & Tires Upgrade        May 95
Part 5: Suspension Upgrade            Jul 95
Part 6: Wheel Bearing Replacement Aug 95
Part 7: ???(missing issue)               Oct 95?
Part 8: Window Regulator Update     Dec 95  <-----This is the one-----<<<<<
Part 8: Suspension Tweeks              Mar 96 >>Part 8 again? Hey... only
listing what the mag sez...<<<

Hope this helps some...

85 4Kcsq