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Re: Eliminating Turbo Lag

>>Audi used a similar technique in the Pro-Rally cars to inject (somehow) fool
>>into the exhaust upstrea of the turbo to keep it spun up.
>....  Specifically, the Pikes Peak cars used an Fuel injection system to the
>Exhaust Manifold (yup) to keep the turbo spooled ala Turbine technology.....
> A real scarey thought....   
>Some sensibility might be in order with this thread.....  If you have a kitty
>littered car forget it....   The O2 sensor is in serious jeapardy of
My car gets fed a pure diet laced with lots of lovely lubricating lead. The only
CAT that gets near it is my pet moggy who finds the bonnet nice and warm just
above the turbo.

>meltdown, so you would eliminate the lamda circuit pretty quickly.  Backfires
>in this type of system can be, um, like, uh, catastrophic
Having just spent lots of my hard earned dosh on a new rear box, I was a little
concerned what effect this might have on longevity.
>(understatement).....   There are other more sensible ways to reduce turbo
>lag.......  S4 turbos do it, so do some modified stock turbos, or RS2's,
>computer boxes.
What's the operating principle behind these systems?


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