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Re: Body shop, southern NH?

In a message dated 96-02-26 19:51:48 EST, you write:

>1986 4000 CS Quattro, silver
>I was hit while sitting at a stop light Friday.  Any suggestions for a good
>body shop in southern New Hampshire (between Windham/Salem and Manchester)?

If you're willing to travel a little furthur north, Hoaglands in Concord does
great work. They're repainting my '87 4000csq(red) in March, and I'm kinda

"I also need a left front indicator light, new bumper, new center and drivers
side bottom grill, fog lights, fake left reflector panel for bumper..."

If you'd like me to look into some new/used prices I can, here at work.

"Also:  if anyone needs a front bumper, it's got some small gashes on the
drivers's side corner, otherwise in very good condition.  Free - send me a
note and I'll get them to save it when they remove it."

Yup, I need a spare for the project car, if you don't have any takers yet.

-Chris Semple
Autobahn Motors of NH
'87 4000q