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Some time ago I posted WHINE AND CRY. Obviously that post was just delieted.

I dont know how many of you self taught EXPERTS profess to know as much
about   bosch computers as OUTLAW PETER does. I welcome his TECHNICAL input
and dont give 2 shi$@#!@#s about his sig or whether he says he has a product
that WE need or may want. I know some people who use his product and are
very happy with the performance. WE are lucky to have a man of his expertise
willing to share his experience with us. without personal experience I am
willing to bet, if you met the man you wouldn't dog him out like you do. you
know who you are.

         So NO MORE WHINE AND CRY about this advertising stuff... O.K.???

later for now,

BOB RUSSELL(no I dont have sup.chps. mods.)