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Re: Eliminating Turbo Lag

On Tue, 27 Feb 1996, Glen Powell wrote:

> >Coupla ways: 1)ignition advance ....  2)look hard at how a WG freq valve
> >works (vendors here.Stop)
> So changing the ign advance (advance it or retard????) with the throttle
> closed and little/no airflow will help to keep the turbo spinning?


	This sounds like a reasonable argument on Glen's part, but a 
friend of mine has been doing some research on turbo motors and EFI, adn 
has found that you can retard the ignition some on acceleration, to 
produce heat.  That extra heat spools up the turbo faster.  Maybe you 
could optimize the ignition advance to produce the most heat in 
off-throttle conditions, to reduce spool up time when you get that 
throttle back open.

> >intake side of the bypass valve to atmosphere (Like the ProRally guys) and
> >you will understand my point, it's a freewheeling concept not a pressure
> >spin.  
> Gotchah. Would another way to state this be to "vent the compressor output
> to the atmoshpere" Vs 'feeding back' into the compressor inlet? This would

Exactly.  This is alos the easiest hookup, but it does make noise, and it 
screws up the ECU as Scott points out.

> Kin I really get away with this on the CIS Ur-Q? Would the kitty have to
> take a long walk?

Your kitty should be lounging in the back porch anyway (or the Porsche, 
little or no difference there :-)

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