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>1. is there a way to fix this problem , the motor stills runs.
>2. what is the cost , new & used.
>3. where can i get it.
>4. what would it take to fix or install one myself.

I had this same problem with my '85 4000s.  Have you taken off the door
panel to verify that the cable is broken?  My guess is that it is OK, but
the cable is off the track.  This happened on my car because the regulator
is mounted to the door by 3 small bolts with rubber insulators in between.
Over time, the rubber stiffens up and the rubber shears off.  Getting the
cable back on the track is the fun part.

Take off the door panel, and take off the 2 bolts holding the glass to the
regulator.  You will see the 3 bolts holding the regulator to the door.  If
possible, try to save the unbroken ones by holding the inside of the bolt
with a pair of pliers.  I managed to trash all 3 of my insulated bolts, so I
just bolted the regulator right to the door!  

Once the regulator is out, just disassemble it and place the cable back on
the track.  Be sure to repack the cable spool with plenty of grease.

Otherwise, I've seen rebuilt ones in the back of European car for about $200..

Hope this helps!

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