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Re: 'no-fault' pileup?

Well, Glen.  I'd definitely tend to agree with you.  

Ends up there was an old guy in a Caprice Classic (lovely mid eighties 
piece of crap) who blew out the sidewall of his meticulously maintained 
tires on I-85 at 5:25 Friday afternoon.  Needless to say, this was the 
heart of rush hour and 4 lanes of traffic to a side.  Instead of trying 
to make his way over from the third lane, he decided to stop and then try 
to cross the remaining two lanes of traffic at about 5 mph.  Well, while 
a lady was busy collecting him, I was just coming out from behind a 
tractor trailer and lo and behold a Jetta was nearly stopped, smoke 
everywhere directly ahead of me.  I barely had time to hit the brakes and 
blam.  Her Jetta was now a Golf (Dan, am I lying?).  Anyhow, the worst 
was Kelly (I met her through the wreck - unfortunately she was 
married!).  That day was her birthday and she had managed to stop her 
325i in time due to ABS.  Then a dufus in an droccA didn't slammed into 
the back of her and shoved her into a Cutlass.  She was not happy.  
Anyway, the cop ended up deciding that it was an unpreventable situation 
because the tire blew out.  He also said that the old man might not have 
been fully capable of doing what he should've, but at least nobody got 
hurt.  Oh well.

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On Tue, 27 Feb 1996, Glen Powell wrote:

> What the heck is a 6-car 'no-fault' pileup? An act of God or something? At
> least one driver had to have been following too closely and/or had speed in
> excess of that appropriate for the conditions at hand.....
> ???
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