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>Some time ago I posted WHINE AND CRY. Obviously that post was just delieted.
>I dont know how many of you self taught EXPERTS profess to know as much
>about   bosch computers as OUTLAW PETER does. I welcome his TECHNICAL input
>and dont give 2 shi$@#!@#s about his sig or whether he says he has a product
>that WE need or may want. I know some people who use his product and are
>very happy with the performance. WE are lucky to have a man of his expertise
>willing to share his experience with us. without personal experience I am
>willing to bet, if you met the man you wouldn't dog him out like you do. you
>know who you are.
>         So NO MORE WHINE AND CRY about this advertising stuff... O.K.???
>later for now,
>BOB RUSSELL(no I dont have sup.chps. mods.)

I have to second that.  Quite frankly, I have no objection to his
SIG... it serves as a reminder that some of what he says may have
a bias.  I guess the BBR comment made by Peter was a bit on the
strong side, and could have been executed with more tact, but his
other posts were not out of line.  He is in a very tough
position... someone posts him a question, which he answers, and
then catches hell for it for a couple weeks!  Sheesh... I'm
surprised he's hung around this long!   I don't see how he can
possibly respond to questions concerning 'chip mods' and such
without SOMEONE thinking that he's trying to advertise.  If he
were to say "Well, I have a chip for the ____ that will give you 25
extra horses for $200 bucks" -there is no question that would be
advertising.  I have not seen him try to directly promote his
products... the sig simply states who he is, and where he might be
'coming from' on his replies.  

Also, the question was raised whether or not Peter drives an Audi,
and if not, why is he here?  WELL, is that to say that we do not
welcome NON AUDI OWNERS to this list!?!?!  WOW... I'm glad I have
one so I can be a part of the 'club'.  <sarcastic grin>  I don't
care if someone owns one or not, what matters is whether or not
they are 'enthusiasts' with a desire to join in.  Wheter you'd
like to admit it or not, Peter DOES have some knowledge that we
could possibly benefit from if we'd quit nitpicking everything he
posts to death!

I think this is a gret group.  I have learned a lot about the cars
in the relatively short time I've been around here, and also made
some good friends.  I cannot believe that the level of maturity on
this list can so easily 'take a dive' though!  I'm a relatively
young 21 year old guy, and quite frankly all this moaning and
whining reminds me of middle school!  ARRRGH.... surely we can all
grow up a bit right?

Ok kids... that's my 4 cents (hey, I'm a BIG spender!  ;)


Mason City, IA

'93 S4
'87 4kCSQ
'86 XR4ti