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Re: PS hose, PITA

At 09:09 AM 2/27/96 -0500, you wrote:
>	FIVE hours later, very skinned right hand, a LOT of cussing, and total 
>	Went back to finishing the PS hose.  Tried for another hour and gave up. 
>I can't believe I did this, but the nest morning (Monday) called up AAA and
>the car flatbedded to Pleasent St. Garage in Marlboro (VW/Audi shop).  About 1 
>1/2 hours later i was on my merry way. I HATE that frigging hose.
>	So how was everyone elses weekend??


Been there, done that!  I'm 6'4 big hands, no space.  I went and found a
friend who is 5'6 small hands, lotsa space.  HE threaded the new hose on!  I
bought him dinner.  I figured I'd made out well!  Only trouble was I'd
bought a cheap hose...When it started leaking 6mos. later, the auto parts
store replaced the hose with a better one at N/C  but it required another
dinner.  This time my friend decided to dine in style!  I think you made out
better.  Shortly after that I got my 87 5KCSTQ and sold the old car to a
friend.  As far as I know, the hose is still OK.