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Re: Superchips promotion...

> Foregin is relative........ Still did'nt answer the question Peter.... Do 
> you drive an Audi?

I didn't know that it was a requirement to be on the QUATTRO list.  I guess 
we should be MORE restrictive ... do you drive a QUATTRO?  Can you believe 
that there are non QUATTRO owners on the list?  What about those VW owners?  
Our esteemed listmeister didn't own a QUATTRO until a very short time ago.  
Hey, maybe I'm not worthy because I usually ride my non-Audi motorcycle to 
> Blunt question alert....  Peter why are you here?  Are you here because 
> your trying to sell your product?  Are you here because you own an Audi 
> and want repair and ownership Info? Or are you here because you found us 
> by accident and you really want to find out what we're about?  What's it 
> going to be Peter?

Why is anyone here?  I'm beginning to ask myself this question more and 
more lately :-(  I used to think that it was solely to get information 
about Audis and quattros and other subjects in a similar vein.  Far more
bandwidth has been *WASTED* concerning this petty issue.
> Peter Most of the folks posting on this list have been her for a long 
> time, I was around for 6 months before my first post....  I learned the 
> rules early and have tried to abide by them....  You show up guns blazing 
> about the competition and advertising.... That's why we are concerned.
Seems to me I recall someone on the list posting a message stating that for 
so many $ they had a suspension upgrade package to offer.  I didn't have a 
problem with that message either, but it seems to me to be a bit of the pot 
calling the kettle black to me.

... I'm tired too ... and it's not even lunchtime ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)