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brake strangeness

     Good afternoon all, 
     I just today discovered an interesting prob wit the brakes on my 4ksq.
     When depressing the pedal firmly,(not just a panic stop) the car dives 
     hard to the left and the rear of the car acts as if it's gonna pass 
     the front. Kinda feels like the left front caliper is the only one 
     Other notes, new rotors and pads installed all the way around 2.5 wks 
     ago. Already have 500+ miles on them. 
     NO funny smells like hot brakes or burning fluid or anything.
     Fluid level is good. 
     Master cyl. looks dry, brake regulator under M.C., not quite as dry.
     no rotors scored or warped.
     Car stopped great 'till this morning.
     What does anyone think? 
     Regulator maybe?
     Oh yeah, PBR metal master pads on cross-drilled ATE rotors.
     Thanks in advance for ay help,