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Sneeze/Burp/F**t Valves

Scott said:
> there are no differences in the valves....  The Rally guys didn't care to
> feed air back into the intake of the turbo, so the farts you heard were pop
> off/surges bleating to atmosphere.....  The noise is "cool" but hardly
> appropriate for a  first date.....  The feedback back into the intake is for
> closed loop system of measured air and noise control, not really any pressure
> spool of the turbo.  I does allow less Pressure Braking of the cold pressure
> side, so basically the valve allows the turbo to free spin....

So - what's the bottom line, gents?  While at the Texas A&M Auto-X 
last weekend (Placed first in B-Stock with my 280 ZXT, nudge, nudge) 
I once again heard the Mitsu Eclipses and Eagle Talons "sneezing" as 
they backed off the gas.  

I was wondering if Audi did in fact build in any kind of a sneeze/etc 
valve.  From the posts in the recent digest, I INFER that there is a 
valve in the stock turbo cars but that it's not vented to atmosphere, 
but within the system?????????

I feel confused on this.  Bob D'Amato's post sounded like his had NO 
valve, and that he added one, but ran into some kind of chip problem. 
I don't see how venting the excess pressure could cause this.

Could someone please explain:
1)  Do the 5K and/or 200 series have a "sneeze/surge" valve built 
in which vent excess intake pressure when the throttle is lifted 
2)  If not, can one be fitted without undue stress or expense?  (I 
know, stupid question, tee hee, giggle giggle...)


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