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Re: "No-fault" pileup

At 12:36 PM 2/27/96 -0500, Andrew Shea wrote:
>Just thought you might like to hear this...
>	"Acts of God" or "no fault" accidents do occur. 

I know they do, - please do not take offense - but, they are *extremely
rare*! Now if a meteor smashes into your windscreen and you crash, *that's*
an act of God! That kind of accident is 'unpreventable' because it just does
not make sense to drive defensively in consideration of meteors. Snow, ice,
drunks, cars going the wrong way, yes, meteors, no.

 My roomate, 
>during his senior year in high school was involedin one such accident.  
>Although this is the kid who has been involved in 13(?) accident in 4 
>years (3 in two days) he was not at fault here.

This says something already......           :)

>	He was travelling to prep school on a snowy morning going no more than 
>35mph on route 128 in MA. There was a woman about 1/4 mile ahead of him.  
>As he turned into a sweeping corner he found the woman heading straight 
>for him.  She had skidded going into the corner (at 35mph also) and got 
>turned around. 


If she skidded and got 'turned around' and continued on in the wrong
direction for 1/4 mile into him, she was clearly at fault. If your friend
could not avoid her then he was travelling too fast for the conditions at
hand. Simple. Either one or both of these 'operators' were at fault.

>	Police officer says something like, "It's an act of God."  

Was it the cop's mother-n-law?   :)

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