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Re: the posts about antennae.  The Bosch "16V" look (roof mounted, angled)
antenna is a direct bolt in on the 200 Avant.  I would assume it fits other
coupes, etc.  It has the square base and the correct coax fitting.  There are
other "16V" (that's how they're advertised here) that have the round base (19 mm
hole) and use a second, alignment  (4mm) hole.  This brand (forget the name) did
not have the correct fitting for the coax.

Choice: Other brand means drilling and adapters; Bosch is plug-n-play, but costs
a bit more.

BTW:  On my old broken OEM antenna the antenna actually hit the hatch when I
lifted it.  On my new Bosch the antenna does not not hit and appears more
"parallel" with the hatch when it is fully-up.  The old antenna didn't look
bent, and they are advertised as having the same angle, but it was busted....

Joe Yakubik